The Staff - La Buca, Seafood Restaurant in Cesenatico

The Staff

The collaboration with Gregorio Grippo, current Executive Chef, began in 1987. From that moment onwards every instant was lived with great harmony and from what we can now define, is no longer a working relationship but a real friendship between the Chef and Stefano Bartolini, built on the intense work of every day.

A growing group continues with enthusiasm and passion

Collaboration and dedication are the base of everything. Every gesture, every choice, every idea is stimulated by a clear project. Today the Restaurant La Buca can count on the continuous presence of the closest collaboration of Gregorio, the Chef of Cuisine Matteo Tonin, as well as the wise direction in the dining hall of Mirian Kukaj. Together for years leading their staff and even now are more involved in the growth that distinguishes our work.